Looking back at 2015 and forward to 2016

What an amazing year 2015 was! So much was achieved and new projects and partnerships initiated. The Highlights? We can't decide. The first ever science lesson with an operational jet fighter to over 100,000 people to open the Scottish Airshow? Showing the Scottish Transport Minister around the Future Zones which were opened by Air Officer Scotland? Our Royal Academy of Engineering Ingenious project and working with RAF Typhoon engineers at RAF Conningsby? Kick starting the Scottish Airshow Legacy Program at Prestwick Airport? Starting our exciting Heritage Lottery STEM Projects with the National Museum of Flight?

And what about 2016? Well we are now in February and plans are underway for the 2016 Scottish Airshow Future Zones, more project work at the National Museum of Flight and more work with the RAF and Prestwick Airport. For sure, more schools projects and we will be taking theSKYLAB to the USA at Sun 'n' Fun April, Lakeland, Florida on the 9th and 10th. Oh, and we are going rotary with both real and RC helicopters for our programs. There will be lots goign on. Want to get involved? Drop us a line using the contact us link on this website.

The first ever science lesson with a Typhoon jet fighter and the FutureZones at the 2015 Scottish Airshow

We will be opening the 2015 Scottish Airshow flying display with a science lesson with an RAF Typhoon. It is part of our Royal Academy of Engineering Ingenious project and is to promote engineering to young people, the public and to give engineers experience in public engagement.

The “Ingenious Typhoon” science lesson jet display will be at 13.00 at Ayr Low Green and will link to the FutureZones that we have been developing since the 2014 Scottish Airshow. The FutureZones will also be at Ayr Low green and are where you will find all of our Scientists and Engineers from the RAF, universities, colleges and other sectors of the aviation and aerospace industry. TheSKYLAB and our STEMster volunteers be there to give away 7000 FREE education packs and a FREE jet glider model which will guide and inspire young people in to the STEM of aviation. The Education packs link to the amazing engineering that goes into the RAFs Typhoon jet fighter and our experts will help take you through it and answer any questions you have about the display and what you need to do to get a career in aviation and aerospace.

WE NEED YOUR HELP!! We want to know how successful our Science lesson was by working out how many people saw the display. So we are asking people to tweet “wow jet stem @theskylabstem @scottishairshow #sciencelessonwithafighterjet.  This will help us move forward with our education programs in the future and may even set up a world record attempt in 2016.

The world record attempt breaking Bloodhound SCC full scale breakdown demo model will be our flagship centrepiece in the futureZones and will link our Typhoon jet display and education packs to the EUROjET Ej200 jet engine which powers both car and jet fighter.  

We are delighted to announce that the FutureZones will be opened by Air Officer Scotland Air Vice Marshal Ross Paterson  at 10.50 just before the Royal Navy Demo on Ayr Beach. The RAF has become very closely related to the Scottish airshow this year and we were delighted to be awarded Platinum Status earlier in the year.

You will be able to find out what the Scottish Aerospace and aviation industry has to offer you as potential new careers or if you want a change of career. GE, Spirit, UTC Aerospace, Skills Development Scotland, Ayrshire College, NATS, Prestwick Spaceport Consortium, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and many more organisations will be there to chat to you and let you know what they have to offer. And if that is not enough, then why not have fun with our Drone Zone demonstrattions and drone flights.


On Sunday 6th September the FutureZones move to the aircraft exhibition event at Prestwick Airport. Here we will be giving away our Ingenius Typhoon education packs under Typhoon itself!


Royal Academy of Enginering "Ingenious" funding

We are absolutely delighted to announce that theSKYLAB has been awarded a prestigious "Ingenious" grant by the RAEng. The Scotland to the skies @theSKYLAB project will engage engineers with the public and young people and will be a partnership with many participants including the National Museum of Scotland, the RAF and many aeronautical companies across Scotland. It will also include the first ever Engineering lesson with a jet to an estimated 100,000 crowd at this year’s Scottish Airshow.

We have much, much more exciting news to follow on this but until then, please see the press release from the Royal Academy HERE and also the summary of our project.


The aerospace industry is vital for the UK economy and urgently needs young people to enter the field. Our project will guide young people towards these engineering careers and provide engineers the opportunity to learn new skills to share their knowledge and experience with schools and the public at two distinct events which link engineer led activities on the ground to a jet display in the sky.

One event will be for schools at the National Museum of Flight where engineer designed and led workshops will allow pupils to understand the engineering principles of flight learning by experiment. These will allow engineers to develop communication skills and exchange knowledge to link to the curriculum for excellence. The event will culminate with a jet display illustrating what they have learned for real. The second event will be held at the Scottish Airshow 2015. It  will enable engineers to develop communication skills with all cross sections of the general public using engineering based education packs which will be given away free ending up in the home environment of young people. It will culminate with the first ever engineering lesson using a jet display to over 50,000 people.



The Scottish Airshow. What a weekend!
The sun came out and over 50,000 people came to the Scottish airshow and witnessed the first ever science lesson with a jet fighter trainer during our "Science of Flight" jet display.Then at the "science of Flight" marquee we gave away 1500 education packs to children and families. What an amazing way to kick start our Scottish Airshow Legacy program. Please follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page to keep an eye on when we are going to your school or our next appeareance. And please please vist our Mydonate page to help us continue our work in schools. Finally thank you to our sponors below and have a look at the photos from the weekend. If you have any photos, please share them ith us via our email adress or social media.

Thank you to our sponsors (below), STEM Ambassadors, the Royal Voluntary Service, Ayrshire College, University of Glasgow & Strathclyde Air Squadron (UGSAS) and, of course, Prestwick Airport.

Somewhere down on the ground on a red double decker bus, Dr Geoff Coxon gives the science of flight commentary using the jet Provost to over 50,000 people. Molecules, chemistry and physics help explain what our display pilot is doing with the jet and why it's important that young people need to develop new technologies of the future.

Education packs at the ready and the finished articles of which 1500 were given away FREE to families and children. What a day!

Our Science of flight marquee and presence with Jet Provost G-BVEZ (XM479) at Ayr Low Green Saturday 6th and at the Prestwick Airport static display on Sunday 7th.

The Scottish Airshow 2014. Sept 6th Ayr Low Green and 7th at Prestwick Airport

WOW! What an amazing and busy last three months. Where do we start?

We are going to be at the 2014 Scottish Airshow with our "Science of Flight" jet display with the Newcastle Jet Provost for an estimated crowd of 25,000. We will have our STEM SKYLAB marquee there, alongside Ayrshire College, for fun workshops on the ground with our experts too. Here we will be giving away FREE education packs where you can build your jet glider with them and then see it for real in front of you at 2.00pm. So get there from 11.00AM to get them and get involved.

Thanks to our generous sponsors below we are not only able to bring you this amazing first ever "science of flight lesson" with a jet at an air display, but we are going to use this to launch the Scottish Airshow Legacy Program. We will be using the event to start our program of school visits ensuring that long after the last aircraft has displayed, young people will still be able to be guided and inspired to look at STEM careers in aerospace and aviation. Click here for more on the legacy program.

We will also have the Jet Provost on static display on Sunday 7th at Prestwick Airport. You will have the chance to meet the pilots and experts and still drop by for our workshops and have fun.

We are so excited about this and want to see you there. So thank you again to our amazing sponsors that have made this all possible.

30th May 2014 - Delivering the Royal Voluntary Service Commonwealth Games baton to help make communities stronger and give young and old new experiences.

What a fantastic day we had at Prestwick Airport with Kingcase and Stanley Road Primary schools working with the Ayrshire hospice and the Royal Voluntary Service. Old and young used STEM plane building workshops to "buddy" and work with each other to understand how planes fly! Then Sean O'Kane from the 80's and 90's TV games show INTERCEPTOR helped us deliver the RVS Commonwealth Games baton. The following day, on the way back to Newcastle Airport, Jet Provost G-BVEZ did a few circuits of Goatfel on Arran to show support a successful world record busking attempt and raise awarness of the fantastic work that the Ayrshire Hospice does. See our COMMUNITIES page for more on this.


1st May 2014 - We are delighted to announce partnership with the Royal Voluntary Service.

We have some very exciting news. We are now in partnership with the Royal Voluntary Service and are putting together the final pieces of a once in a lifetime event. Later in the month we will be using the jet to support their very own Commonwealth Games baton relay which is now making it's way across Scotland. Not only that, the baton will be exchanged at Prestwick Airport with a very special person on board and it will kick start a special inter-generational workshop of the SKYLAB. The event is taking place to highlight the important work that the Royal Voluntary Service does in Scotland supporting the elderly in the community. We are delighted to be their partner and are looking forward to some amazing projects in the future. So stay tuned to see who our special guest will be!

4th April 2014 - Making an impact supporting Ayrshire schools

We were absolutely delighted to find that Miss Mack's primary class at Kingcase Primary School, Prestwick, South Ayrshire, has been using our education packs to help them with a project on flight! We loved their painting of XM479 (G-BVEZ). It's brilliant! We will be popping in to do some workshops with P4 and P5 pupils for STEM week on the 29th April. We can't wait!

2nd April 2014 - Supporting the Scottish Airshow

We are delighted to say that we are now working with Zizys Events to help put on a cracking Scottish Airshow on the 6th & 7th September at Prestwick Airport. We will be helping them to achieve one of their three aims, which is to help inspire future aviators and engineers of the future. We want to put on a great fun, educational and memorable day for young people and their families, so if you want to help us, please get in touch. Please watch out for more updates on this.

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